Exquisitely Beautiful, Divinely Sacred,

Crystal Gemstones To Inspire Your Everyday Life

There’s something divinely sacred about crystal gemstones and the support they can give us in our everyday lives …

All of our products are individually chosen …

All of our jewellery is hand made …

We take delight in working out which crystal gemstones to use for the most benefit for you …

Which combinations will work …

What colours do you like …

And then the actual process of creating them for you …

Threading the beads …

Hand-tying the knots …

Making the tassels …

Infusing them with pure love and healing for you …

It is truly a labour of love for you.

 ... much more than simply stunning jewellery ...

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We apologise for any inconvenience, the Crystals To Inspire online shop is closed while we pack the Gemstone jewellery, pieces and tumbles for an interstate move.

You can still browse our product range but our Add To Cart, Shopping Cart and Checkout functions have been disabled.

Thank you for your understanding & patience, Sharon & Reid

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Crystal Gemstone Guide

Embark on an enlightening exploration of crystal gemstones, where ancient wisdom and modern fascination intertwine. Whether you are a gemstone enthusiast, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the wonders of the Earth, we hope that this information will be your guide to unlocking the secrets and beauty held within these exquisite crystals.

What Crystal Do I Need?

To help determine the ideal crystal for your needs, it’s essential to consider your intentions and goals. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re seeking – whether it’s balance, self-confidence, tranquility, intuition, guidance or something else entirely …

Each crystal possesses unique properties that can support various aspects of your life, such as emotional healing, clarity, creativity, or protection. By aligning the distinctive properties of each crystals with your intentions, you can harness its energy help you achieve your intentions and goals.

Click on the linek below, complete our quick form and we will be back in contact within 24 to 48 business hours with 3 to 5 crystal gemstone suggestions.
We will include why we’ve chosen those stone and suggest ways for you to work with them.

At Crystals To Inspire we truly and deeply believe in the power of crystals to support us in our everyday lives.


Welcome to Crystals To Inspire.

You might be looking for some crystals to invite some specific healing or focus into your world.

You might be looking for a gorgeous piece of jewellery that’s infused with so much more than aesthetic beauty.

Either way, there’s bound to be something here that calls to you – that’s probably why you’ve landed on this website 🙂

All of our crystal necklaces are hand made on Australia’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast with genuine crystal gemstones or natural wood beads. The crystals and beads are all natura. A variety of other embellishments are used for the guru beads, tassels and pendants.

All of the crystals we carry receive a sage cleansing prior to being used and every single product receives a medicine drum activation prior to being shipped to you.

Our necklaces are infused with unconditional love while they are being made. They are created with pure intention to assist you with healing and empowerment.

Because crystals are natural, there will be variances – no two are the same.

We invite you to have a wander around the website, enjoying the beauty and sacredness that is on offer. The biggest problem might be limiting yourself.

Our necklaces are bespoke – made just for you.  Just as there are variances in the gemstones we use, no two necklaces are the same. Because we individually custom create your necklace, we will need some information from you. Click here to start that process. 

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Crystal Malas & Necklaces

Malas & Necklaces

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