About Malas


What is a mala necklace?

Mala necklaces are a traditional sacred item of jewellery which originated in India. They are also known as Buddhist prayer beads. 

There are 108 beads which form the main part of the necklace.  The 108 beads symbolise

1 = One thing
0 = No thing
8 = Everything/Infinity

You can have a mixture of beads or all the same beads. In between each of the 108 beads there is a knot.

There is also a guru bead which is usually bigger or a different shape than the main beads. The guru bead is designed to help ground you and set your intention. This can be a crystal gemstone bead or some other artistic bead.

Below the guru bead is usually a tassel which symbolises the lotus. There can also be a pendant in place of the tassel and/or guru.

You don’t need to be aligned with any particular religion or belief philosophy to benefit from working with a mala.

How do I choose my crystal mala necklace?

This may sound corny and like a cop out, but I promise you with my hand on my heart it’s not, but truly, the best way to choose your crystal mala necklace (or more if you simply can’t pick just one!!) is to use your intuition.

Are there particular crystals that call to you?

Are there particular colours that call to you?

Are there particular healing properties that you are needing assistance with?

Take a deep breath, hold the intent of your purpose for choosing your crystal mala necklace in your heart and wander through the range. See what calls to you. If there isn’t a pre-made crystal mala necklace that calls, but specific crystals do, then perhaps a custom crystal mala necklace is for you ? You can find out more about having a custom one made for you by clicking here…

How do I work with my crystal mala necklace?

You work with your crystal mala necklace as a tool for enhancing mindfulness and creating a healing ritual in your world.

You may choose to  have one mantra for your crystal mala necklace, but this is not an absolute necessity. You can say multiple mantras using one crystal mala necklace.

When you are not meditating with your crystal mala necklace, wear it with intention to receive the benefit of your chosen mantra as well. (Apart from them looking absolutely gorgeous!!)

To meditate/pray with your crystal mala necklace, hold it in your right hand, draped over your middle finger, with the guru bead or pendant just on the palm side of your hand. Have the first bed sitting on top of your middle finger. These are the traditional ways to do this, however if you want to use your left hand, go for it – this is your mala. It is suggested not to utilise the index finger as that is connected to our ego.

Then very gradually, starting with the first bead after the guru/tassel and pulling towards you using your thumb, work through the 108 beads with your chosen mantra or prayer – there’s some suggestions below.


This is about mindfulness, this is about meditation/prayer, this is about breath and this is about being fully present.

Work your way around the full 108 beads, stopping when you get to the guru/tassel. If you wish to do this a second time, turn the mala around to go the other way so that you don’t cross the guru/tassel.

Suggested Mantras/Prayers

Om Shanti, Shanti Om – this calls more peace into your life

I have all that I need within me

I am balanced, aligned and in flow

Ho’Oponopono Prayer (1 line per bead = 27 rounds)
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

Om Mani Padme Hum – a traditional Buddhist prayer

How do I care for my crystal mala necklace?

Know that while your crystal mala necklace is a beautiful piece of jewellery, it is so much more than that and it needs to be treated as something sacred and precious.

The main things to remember with your crystal mala necklace is not to wear it while bathing/swimming or while sleeping.

Do not throw it in with other jewellery, preferably keep it in its own special bag.

The thread used in your crystal mala necklace will eventually wear out – please don’t reduce your use of it because of this. In Buddhism this is said to remind us of the impermanence of all things.

If you have a tassel on your crystal mala necklace, it will eventually fray and perhaps get a bit fluffy. Again, this is not something to fear, but a natural part of the process.

As with all crystals, you can give them a bathe under a full moon. And of course, the more you work with your crystal mala necklace, the powerful your connection with this sacred item will be.