About Us

Crystals, crystal, and more crystals…getting to play with these to make beautiful crystals and make gorgeous jewellery that supports you spiritually. What’s not to love about that?

Hi, I’m Sharon Tregoning and I founded Crystals To Inspire.

This business came to be because I had been receiving a calling to work with a mala as part on my ongoing spiritual journey. I had been looking for a while, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for…of course, not having clarity about exactly what it was I was looking for wasn’t really helping!!  ???

I finally received some clarity about the design and I started looking into creating my own. Economically it made sense to buy my crystals wholesale, which left crystals over. I spoke with a few people and talked about it on social media. To my surprise, there was great interest from people wanting to buy handmade malas from yours truly.

And so, this business was born. And it continues to grow and evolve – as do we.
We now offer :

~ Handmade Mala Necklaces of varying lengths
~ Handmade Bracelets – both knotted and made on elastic
~ Handmade Hand Malas – to keep your fingies occupied

Your crystals become a source of healing power because of their connection to you, your spiritual beliefs and how you utilise them in your spiritual practice.  Working with them in a consistent way will also increase their healing qualities. Their power comes from you, the energy of the crystals and your beliefs.