Crystal Counselling Sessions

Crystal Counselling | Crystals To Inspire

You have a problem, an issue, a challenge, something that’s bugging you or that you want to sort out.

You need someone to talk to about it that’s objective and will talk it through with you with the only agenda being the best and highest good for all involved.

You think there might even be some crystals that might help, but you’re not sure what ones?

Where do you start?

Right here.

Hi, my name is Sharon Tregoning and I am the designer and creator of all of the jewellery you see on this website.

What you may not know is that I’m also a qualified counsellor, a psychic/medium and I have a Masters in Metaphysics.

I also live with depression and have had my own fair share of life challenges – I know a thing or two about resilience.

So, I get it, I’ve been there and I’ve received some great support from the people I turn to. Suggestions on strategies, crystals, processes, whatever the situation needs.

I can do this for you and help you through whatever is forefront of your mind at the moment.

Sharon Tregoning | Crystals To Inspire

What is a Crystal Counselling Session and What Happens?


A crystal counselling session is like having a chat with a friend who has no agenda other than your highest and best good. It’s like a warm, virtual hug. It’s a safe space. And all of it is done via a video call. (You can even be in your pyjamas if you want!!)

I’m objective. There is no judgement, simply understanding, compassion and support.

In a Crystal Counselling session, we will talk through what’s going on for you and get to the crux of the issue.

As I am a psychic/medium, it’s a fair chance that there will be input from your guides and potentially loved ones in spirit.

As I am a qualified counsellor, you know that I have your best interest at heart.

As someone who works with crystals there will be suggestions as to what crystal/s can help you. It might be a suggestion to wear one, to simply hold one, to sleep with one, to grid with one/few or any number of ways that you can work with crystals.

There may also be a message channeled from Kuan Yin, the Goddess of love and compassion. I am a Channel for her and she often gives me messages that you need to hear. They are always gentle, loving and with your best and highest good as her pure intent.


Crystal Counselling | Crystals to Inspire
Pyjamas | Crystals To Inspire
Crystal Counselling | Crystals to Inspire

At the end of our session, this will likely be the change that you’ll see…

~ You will feel heard

~ You will feel like someone understands

~ You will feel like you’re not alone

~ You will have suggestions, strategies, tools and techniques to help you

~ You will know what crystals will best support you

Crystal Counselling | Crystals To Inspire

45 & 90 minute Crystal Consultation sessions are available.

  • 45 Minute Session – A$77
  • 90 Minute Session – A$133

Click “Add to cart” to purchase your preferred length of session and I will be in touch to make a mutually convenient time with you.

Currency Conversion:

Crystal Counselling 45 Minute Session

US$ 51.25

  • AUD: AU$ 77.00
  • NZD: NZ$ 84.82
  • CAD: CA$ 68.49
  • GBP: GB£ 41.09
  • EUR: EU€ 47.88
  • CHF: CHF 46.60

Crystal Counselling 90 Minute Session

US$ 88.53

  • AUD: AU$ 133.00
  • NZD: NZ$ 146.50
  • CAD: CA$ 118.30
  • GBP: GB£ 70.97
  • EUR: EU€ 82.70
  • CHF: CHF 80.49