Custom Designs

There are a lot of malas and gemstone necklaces out there, and many of them are mass produced without thought or care going into the process.

That’s not how we work. All of our necklaces are individually produced, designed and created.  Tassels are hand made, gemstones are carefully selected, the best colour threads are chosen and then the knots are hand tied.

Each individual necklace/mala is a work of art in itself.

Custom crystal gemstone mala necklaces will take approximately one week to make from crystals that are in stock. If there are some specific crystals that you want included that are not currently in stock, the time to make could extend up three to four weeks depending on how long it takes me to get them from my suppliers. I will discuss this with you.

Custom crystal mala necklaces will be fully quoted prior to commencement and full payment will be required before starting work.  Custom necklaces start at $150 and average around $220-$250.

I truly love working through the creation process with you and then birthing your mala or necklace.  Follow the steps below and let’s get started.

How It Works

Simply answer the questions below and I will then be in touch to discuss further with you about creating your crystal mala necklace.


Step 1

Take a breath. Then take another breath. And one more. Sink into your heart. Feel what it is that you want from your crystal mala necklace.

Step 2

If you’re not sure what crystals and gurus/pendant you want included, have a look at the crystals that we stock. See what calls to you – trust this!!

Step 3

Fill out the form below and hit the submit button. We will the be in touch and start the really exciting process of creating YOUR personal crystal mala necklace.