… facial rollers …

Nurturing Facial Rollers

You’ve may seen these and wondered what are they for, what do they do and how to use them?

Or you may already have one and know how divine these are!!

Facial rollers can assist with increasing blood flow, reducing puffiness in your face as well as being relaxing.  They also assist with lymphatic drainage.

See below for instructions.

(PS While they are facial rollers, we have used them on leg cramps and sore shoulders as well with sublime relief!!)

These are the most common benefits of using facial rollers :

  • They decrease puffiness, especially on hot days (and they can be placed in your fridge prior to use so they are extra cooling – this is what reduces the puffiness)
  • They improve blood circulation in your face and neck which can make your skin look healthier
  • Help with removing toxins from your body by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • They are relaxing and soothing


… our facial rollers …

We carry three different types of facial rollers : Amethyst, Jade and Rose Quartz.

All of the facial rollers are made with genuine crystal gemstones – not plastic like some on the market. They each have a large and a small roller.

The Jade facial roller has a large textured roller which will stimulate your skin even more than the smooth rollers.  The handle of the Rose Quartz roller handle contains delicate flowers in the handle.


Enhances spiritual awareness and calms your mind

Nurturing Amethyst Facial Roller
Nurturing Amethyst Facial Roller


Invites peace & abundance as well as being cool & soothing

Nurturing Jade Facial Roller
Nurturing Jade Facial Roller

Rose Quartz

Promotes love & forgiveness & restores harmony

Nurturing Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Nurturing Rose Quartz Facial Roller

How to use your facial roller…

You can choose to use your facial roller with or without oil/moisturiser. For a more gentle experience, we suggest using oil/moisturiser. This will also ensure that they are absorbed deeper into your skin and pores.

These steps can be done in less than 5 mins, but of course you can spend longer. We would suggest no more than 10 mins. These can be done daily. When you feel you have done enough rolling at each step, move onto the next area. Only roll in one direction, not backwards and forwards.

1. Pick the end of your roller that you wish to use. If you have the Jade one, remember that the smooth roller will be more gentle on your skin. Change the size roller you use as needed.

2. If using, apply your oil/moisturiser to your neck and face.

3. Starting with your neck, roll upwards from the base to your jawline. 

4. Working from your chin, roll out to your ears, following your jawline.

5. On your cheeks, start beside your nose and roll towards your ears. Remember to be gentle under your eye sockets.

6. With your temples, either roll towards your hairline or straight upwards – whichever feels right for you.

7. Roll across your eyebrow, starting in the centre above your nose and roll outwards.

8. On your forehead, again, start in the centre and roll outwards.

Repeat as you desire. If you are using oil/moisturiser and you start to feel like it’s not lubricating your skin, simply apply more.

Regularly clean your facial roller. If using oil/moisturiser, we recommend cleaning it each time it’s used. If not, cleaning after around 5 uses or weekly should suffice.  Was your facial roller using a gentle soap and warm water. Don’t leave it to soak or use hot water. Leave it to dry on a clean cloth. This will ensure the longest possible life of your facial roller.