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Handmade Gemstone Crystal Hand Malas

All of our crystal mala necklaces, hand malas and bracelets are made with genuine crystals or wood and are hand made on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

The beads are natural. All beads within the 108 mala beads are approximately 8mm in size.

These are challenging times and I’ve pondering how I can help in a practical and yes, also keep my business going. I totally get that gorgeous jewellery is not high on people’s priority list.

I’m also aware that these can be really emotionally challenging times and some extra support is needed. Crystals can be a beautiful and powerful companion when it comes to healing and grounding ourselves to being more present in our worlds.

So in collaboration with a beautiful friend came the inspiration for these…now known as Hand Malas. Do you remember the fidget spinner thingies that were designed to occupy fingers and be therapeutic? Well, these are along the same lines, but throw in the healing/focus capabilities of crystals for even greater benefit.

All of the Hand Malas have 33 genuine crystal gemstone beads in them as that number is significant for me in knowing that I’m surrounded by Ascended Masters and support from the Divine.

They also all have Black Lava Stone to assist with grounding and supporting you around times of change – and boy, aren’t we in those!!??

Each has a small pendant at one end and a clasp at the other end. You can use the clasp to clip between the beads so that it can be whatever length you like. You can do it short so the loop will go around your thumb, you can have it longer to fit all your fingers, you can use it like a bracelet – the options are multitude.

Play with your Hand Mala any time, particularly if you think you’re feeling hungry, but you know you’re not really!! Lolz Have a glass of water and play with your Hand Mala, changing the focus.

There are numerous themes with the Hand Malas and you can even use the them as a mantra while working the beads like with the Mala necklaces, so they can also be meditative too.

Which Hand Malas are calling to you?

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