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Jade is a gemstone that embodies harmony, prosperity, and wisdom. Its vibrant green colour and powerful symbolism have made it a cherished stone throughout history. It has been revered for thousands of years as a symbol of purity, protection, and good luck. In Chinese culture, Jade is considered the “stone of heaven” and embodies wisdom, balance, and prosperity. Jade invites a sense of balance, clarity, and abundance into one’s life. Embrace the harmonious energies of Jade and allow its properties to guide you towards prosperity, well-being, and inner peace.
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Key Properties

  • Symbolizes harmony, balance, and prosperity
  • Enhances wisdom and clarity of thought
  • Promotes emotional balance and tranquillity
  • Supports physical health and healing
  • Aligns and balances the heart chakra

History and Symbolism

Jade holds a deep historical and cultural significance in many civilizations. It has been revered for thousands of years as a symbol of purity, protection, and good luck. In Chinese culture, Jade is considered the “stone of heaven” and embodies wisdom, balance, and prosperity. It is believed to bring harmony and attract positive energy into one’s life.

Colour and Appearance

Jade is most commonly associated with its lush green colour, but it can also be found in other colours such as white, lavender, and yellow. The intensity and shade of green can vary, ranging from pale, translucent greens to deep, rich hues. Jade has a smooth and polished texture, often with a waxy or glass-like lustre that adds to its beauty.


Jade is sourced from various regions around the world, including China, Myanmar, Russia, and New Zealand. It is a durable and tough gemstone that forms through the metamorphic process, typically found in ancient rocks and riverbeds. Jade has been highly prized and extensively carved into ornamental objects, statues, and jewellery throughout history.

Psychological Attributes

Jade possesses psychological attributes that promote calmness, wisdom, and harmony. It helps to soothe the mind and release negative thoughts, allowing for clarity and peacefulness. Jade is known to enhance self-confidence, encourage self-sufficiency, and foster feelings of balance and stability.

Mental Attributes

Mentally, Jade promotes clarity of thought and enhances problem-solving abilities. It is believed to stimulate creative thinking and inspire new ideas. Jade also encourages adaptability and helps individuals to embrace change, making it an excellent stone for personal and professional growth.

Emotional Attributes

Emotionally, Jade is known to bring tranquillity and emotional balance. It helps to release negative emotions, such as anger or fear, and promotes feelings of peace and serenity. Jade also nurtures compassion, generosity, and forgiveness, fostering healthy relationships and emotional well-being

Healing Properties

Jade possesses various healing properties, both physically and energetically. It is believed to support the overall health and vitality of the body. Jade can help to strengthen the immune system, promote longevity, and assist in the body’s natural healing processes. Energetically, Jade is known to balance and align the body’s energy, promoting a sense of well-being.

Chakra Alignment

Jade primarily aligns with the heart chakra, located at the centre of the chest. It helps to open and balance this chakra, promoting love, compassion, and emotional healing. Jade also stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body, supporting the overall alignment and balance of the chakra system.


Jade, with its lustrous green colour and balancing and nurturing energies, is a popular gemstone used in meditation. During meditation, individuals often hold or place Jade near them to tap into the gemstone’s calming presence,  helping to quiet the mind, promote inner peace and harmony. Jade is believed to facilitate a connection with nature and the heart chakra, encouraging compassion and self-awareness. By incorporating Jade into meditation practices, practitioners can experience a deeper sense of serenity, fostering a profound connection with their inner wisdom.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Jade is utilised for its positive impact on energy flow within a space. Placing Jade in the centre of a room or in areas associated with abundance and prosperity can attract good fortune and wealth. The rich green colour of Jade symbolises growth and vitality, making it an ideal stone for fostering a sense of renewal and growth in life’s various aspects. The stone’s protective energies create a harmonious environment that promotes overall well-being and positive energy flow.

Zodiac Star Sign and Birthstone

Jade is commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus (April 20 – May 20). It resonates with the grounding and practical nature of this earth sign. While not a specific birthstone, Jade is often considered a secondary birthstone for individuals born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 – June 20) and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those born during this time.

Note: Crystal gemstones are not intended to replace medical or professional advice. Consult a healthcare professional for any health-related concerns.


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