12 Essentials Crystals Bundle | Crystals To Inspire

12 Essential Crystals for your

Metaphysical Toolkit

These are the 12 crystals that I believe have a wide range of benefits to support you in most situations.

Others may have different beliefs and that’s OK.

12 Essentials Amethyst | Crystals To Inspire

 A powerful, protective stone which enhances spiritual awareness and balances emotions.

12 Essentials Angelite | Crystals To Inspire

 Stone of awareness and connects with the angelic realm. Transmutes pain into wholeness.

12 Essentials Apatite | Crystals To Inspire

 Manifestation, creativity, expanding conscious and connects to high level of spiritual guidance.

12 Essentials Citrine | Crystals To Inspire

 Energises every level of life. Attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Joy and creativity.

12 Essentials Clear Quartz | Crystals To Inspire
Clear Quartz

 The Master Healer which amplifies your energy and the power of all other crystals. Deep soul cleanser.


12 Essentials Labradorite | Crystals To Inspire

 Supports change & transformation by enhancing strength and perseverance. It also reveals truth.

12 Essentials Lepidolite | Crystals To Inspire

 Stone of transition, creating gentleness around change. Soothes and reduces stress and depression.

12 Essentials Mookaite | Crystals To Inspire

 Creates desire for new experiences and calmness to face them. Helps to make the right decision

12 Essentials Moss Agate | Crystals To Inspire
Moss Agate

 New beginnings, releasing old fears, attracts abundance in wealth and improves self esteem.

12 Essentials Rose Quartz | Crystals To Inspire
Rose Quartz

 The stone of universal love and forgiveness. It promotes self love, deep healing and inner peace.

12 Essentials White Howlite | Crystals To Inspire
White Howlite

 Teaches patience and helps eliminate rage, pain and stress. Can calm an overactive mind.

12 Essentials Yellow Tiger Eye | Crystals To Inspire
Yellow Tiger Eye

 Protection and power to focus the mind with clarity. Purpose, courage, self confidence.



Purchase your own 12 Essentials bundle below and save compared with buying them individually.

The retail value of these crystals is $70.

Please note : the Amethyst, Apatite, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Lepidolite pieces that are included in the bundle are much larger than the standard tumbles.

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Enable your crystals to stay cleansed and charged by keeping them with a Selenite bowl or charging plate.

Selenite Bowl | Crystals To Inspire

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Selenite Charging Plate | Crystals To Inspire

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Download a colour flyer which details the 12 Essentials and their brief descriptions.

Click the image to download for free.

Crystals To Inspire 12 Essential Crystals