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Chakra Tumbles Bundle

A bundle set to help you balance, clear and align your 7 main chakras.

Throughout our bodies we have hundreds of chakras or energy centres. I have chosen to focus on the 7 main ones. When these chakras are out of alignment or not clean, we can feel like we are out of balance in the area to which they equate. Likewise, if we are noticing ourselves out of balance or alignment, we may then need to cleanse or align these chakras.

The picture to the right shows the locations of these chakras in our bodies. It’s useful when working on aligning them to visualise these parts of our body.

1 = Root or Base Chakra Colour = Red

2 = Sacral Chakra Colour = Orange

3 = Solar Plexus Chakra Colour = Yellow

4 = Heart Chakra = Colour Pink or Green

5 = Throat Chakra Colour = Blue orLight Blue

6 = Third Eye Chakra Colour = Dark Blue or Purple

7 = Crown Chakra Colour = Purple or Clear

Each of the 7 chakras has a colour that aligns with the vibration of each one.  In the bundle I have included both a pink and a green crystal for your heart chakra. You can choose to work with whichever one resonates with you. You can also help cleanse your chakras by eating foods that match the same colours.

This bundle is designed to help you align your chakras and give you a crystal to work with when you are feeling out of alignment. 

Chakra Locations | Crystals To Inspire
Crystals To Inspire Garnet
Root Chakra – Garnet

Affirmation – I am safe and all my physical needs are met

Garnet = Vitality, Abundance, Stimulates the Metabolism

Crystals To Inspire Carnelian
Sacral Chakra – Carnelian

Affirmation – I am joyful and invite joy and creativity into my world

Carnelian = Creativity, Passion, Motivation

Crystals To Inspire Citrine
Solar Plexus – Citrine

Affirmation – I am powerful, strong and believe in myself

Citrine =  Manifestation, creativity, expanding conscious and connects to high level of spiritual guidance.

Crystals To Inspire Rose Quartz
Heart – Rose Quartz

Affirmation – I am loved and loving, basing all I do in pure love.

Rose Quartz = The stone of universal love and forgiveness. It promotes self love, deep healing and inner peace.

Crystals To Inspire Green Aventurine
Heart – Green Aventurine

Affirmation – I am loved and loving, basing all I do in pure love.

Green Aventurine = Comfort, De-Stressing

Crystals To Inspire Lapis Lazuli
Throat – Lapis Lazuli

Affirmation – I am expressive and speak my truth internally and externally

Lapis Lazuli = Spiritual Purpose, Harmonises Conflict

Crystals To Inspire Amethyst
Third Eye – Amethyst

Affirmation – I am connected to all that is and to myself.

Amethyst =  A powerful, protective stone which enhances spiritual awareness and balances emotions.

Crystals To Inspire Quartz
Crown – Clear Quartz

Affirmation – I am divine being of pure love and light.

Clear Quartz =  The Master Healer which amplifies your energy and the power of all other crystals. Deep soul cleanser.


A Selenite Charging Plate is included with your bundle.
Selenite cleanses and charges your crystals.
Selenite Charging Plate | Crystals To Inspire

Purchase your own Chakra Tumbles Bundle below and save compared with buying them individually.

The retail value of these crystals is $43.

Please note : the Clear Quartz is a chunk and is much larger than the standard tumbles.

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Selenite Bowl | Crystals To Inspire
A Selenite Charging Plate is included with your bundle.
You may wish to purchase a Selenite Bowl as well.

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