Gemstone Crystals For Abundance

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Crystals to invite and allow abundance in all things into your world.

Work with your crystals to invite and allow abundance by having them on your desk, in your bag, on your person … where it feels right for you.

Citrine – Teaches us how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and success. It also encourages sharing and being generous.
Crocodile (Kambaba) Jasper –  Wisdom for guidance and invites abundance and prosperity.
Green Aventurine – Positive crystal of prosperity, encourages optimism and gratitude.
Jade – Promotes self-sufficiency, attracts good luck, encourages peace and abundance.
Moss Agate – A crystal of wealth , it attracts abundance. Also increases optimism and sense of self-worth

Each bundle comes with Clear Quartz to amplify the energy of each crystal.

Please note : Our crystal gemstones are natural and not man made, so they will vary in colour, markings and patterns; they may not look like the picture above.

The Crystal Gemstone Abundance bundle does not include the Selenite Cleansing & Charging Plate.
To add the Selenite Bar to your order simply select “Add Selenite Cleansing & Charging Plate” from the drop down list below.