Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire

Make Your Own Mala Workshop


Immerse yourself in a day of sacred ceremony, love and creativity

Friday 8th September 


Saturday 9th September 2023

9.30am to 4pm
Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire
Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire
Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire

Feeling super blessed to have enjoyed a beautiful day sitting in circle with a group of lovely women, creating our own Crystal Mala. 

Thankyou Sharon for a truly special day.

The space you held for us was nurturing and warm, the food was created with love and all in all the day was a lot of fun. 

I really enjoyed the ceremonial aspect you twisted into the experience and assortment of crystal beads was HUGE.

I love love love my mala

Thankyou for a really special day.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection?

Join our “Make Your Own Mala Workshop” and dive into the art of crafting your very own mala beads, each infused with your intentions and positive energy.

This immersive experience is more than just a creative endeavour – it’s a powerful way to deepen your mindfulness practice and manifest your desires.


There is something truly special about be-ing and being fully present with like minded souls; communing together in a creative activity; especially when there is an underlying spiritual focus. It’s something we’ve truly and deeply missed over the last few years.

At this workshop, we will nourish your heart and soul and allow your creativity to flourish as you create a stunning Mala necklace for yourself – yes you.

You will choose your beads and design the pattern for your Mala.

I will guide you through the process of how to knot and create your Mala and you will create it with your heart, your soul and your hands.  I will show you how you can work with your Mala as they are much more than simply gorgeous jewellery.

On the day, we will undertake various ceremonial acts to welcome you into the gathering, invite healing and also celebrate and dedicate your Mala.  We will also call in your Higher Self to act as a guide so you can be sure that your Mala is created with pure intent.

Why Make, Wear and Work With Malas?

Apart from being exquisitely stunning pieces of jewellery, there are numerous health benefits in creating and working with your Mala.

The main benefit in both the creation of and working with them is that it is a meditative process.  The benefits of meditation are well known.  They are :

~ Stress reduction
~ Connection to self
~ Connection to your higher power
~ Relaxing your mind
~ Self nurturing

By creating your Mala in a small gathering where everyone is working towards the same goal, we will amplify its properties and your connection to your piece.  At the end of the day, you go home with a beautiful piece of jewellery that serves your highest and best good.

This Mala that you create will be :

~ The embodiment of the intention that you infuse into it
~ A constant reminder for you of the healing you seek through working with it
~ An affirmation of empowerment
~ A unique piece of jewellery, consciously designed and created by you for you


Unveiling the Mala: A Pathway to Mindfulness and Manifestation

In our Make Your Own Mala Workshop, you’ll learn the art of creating malas, traditional prayer bead necklaces that hold significant meaning in various cultures and spiritual practices. These beads, often comprised of 108 individual stones, are not only visually stunning but also symbolise a spiritual journey towards self-awareness and enlightenment.

Crafting Your Vision, One Bead at a Time

Under Sharon’s guidance, you’ll be introduced to a captivating array of semi-precious gemstones, each carrying unique energies and intentions. As you meticulously string each bead, you’ll infuse it with your personal aspirations, dreams, and intentions. The process becomes an embodiment of your journey, with each bead representing a step towards your goals.

Setting Intentions and Empowering Your Creations

Our workshop goes beyond simple bead stringing – it’s a transformative experience designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. We’ll guide you through a meditation and intention-setting session, helping you clarify your desires and channeling that energy into your mala. As you wear your custom-made mala, it serves as a constant reminder of your intentions, fostering a sense of mindfulness in your everyday life.

Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire

Creating our Mala’s was a fun event; the perfect combination from Sharon of knowledge, education, teaching and allowing us to explore our own creativity and intuition under her watchful guidance.

There to always help with questions without overstepping our own learning journey.

An extensive range of crystals, accessories, materials and equipment to choose from.

I literally turned up, got into the flow and created! Everything was taken care for you.


Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire
Make Your Own Mala Workshop | Crystals To Inspire

Your instructions were very clear and your support with finishing was very welcome.

I enjoyed the creative aspect to personalise the necklace.

It was enjoyable, professional, creative and heart felt.


Why Choose Our Mala Workshop?
  • Expert Guidance: Your instructor Sharon is well-versed in the art of mala creation and spiritual connection having been making and selling them for a number of years. She will provide you with personalised guidance and support throughout the workshop.
  • High-Quality Materials: We source high quality, energetically charged gemstones for our workshops. Your mala will not only be a beautiful accessory but also a tool for your personal growth journey.
  • Community and Connection: Engage with like-minded individuals in a welcoming and supportive environment. Share stories, insights, and inspirations as you craft your malas together.
  • Meaningful Souvenir: Your handcrafted mala will be a treasured keepsake, a physical embodiment of your intentions and a reminder of the potential within you.
Join Us in Crafting Your Spiritual Path

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our nurturing and empowering “Make Your Own Mala Workshop.” Discover the joy of creating a unique piece of spiritual art that resonates with your soul and empowers your journey. Immerse yourself in the world of mindfulness, intention, and manifestation as you string together your aspirations, one bead at a time.

Your Investment :

US$ 165.38

  • AUD: AU$ 250.00
  • NZD: NZ$ 270.19
  • CAD: CA$ 226.62
  • GBP: GB£ 129.81
  • EUR: EU€ 152.91
  • CHF: CHF 150.89

Pay with 4 fortnightly payments with Afterpay More info

This includes all you need for the day :

~ Your choice of beads, pendant/tassel and thread
~ Tools to use while at the workshop
~ All ceremonies/rituals
~ Yummy, soul nourishing lunch and snacks

Before the workshop, we will send you a few things so that you can start envisioning and creating your Mala – the process starts with energetic intent :

~ A document with all of the beads we carry, pictures of them and their metaphysical properties
~ A template for the Mala
~ Some questions to prompt you

The workshop will limited to 4 people and will be held in Noosaville.

Address details will be provided upon booking.