Necklace – Creative Manifestation

US$ 57.18

  • AUD: AU$ 90.00
  • NZD: NZ$ 96.51
  • CAD: CA$ 77.10
  • GBP: GB£ 46.98
  • EUR: EU€ 54.37
  • CHF: CHF 52.58

Be inspired to create and manifest that which you desire.




What do you want to manifest in your world? Whatever it is, this is the stone to help you do it. It also assists with stimulating creativity and intellect and expanding knowledge and truth. And my favourite thing about Apatite, apart from the colour, it overcomes emotional exhaustion!! Hallelujah!! This shorter necklace is made purely of Apatite beads – with some being round and others being faceted oval ones – and an Apatite pendant. It also has some stainless steel spacer beads for accent. It has 54 beads and is approx 52cms long