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Tranquil Protection
Barrier against electromagnetic fields (EMF), clears negativity, activates all chakras

Available as pure Shungite or with White Howlite

Necklace – Shielding Shungite

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If you work live or play with an electronic device (and who doesn’t??) you absolutely NEED to have some Shungite in your world.  While you can use pieces, it is most effective at protecting you when it is worn on your body.

  • Protection, particularly from electro-magnetic radiation. If you use an electronic device – computer, tablet, phone etc, you need to get yourself some Shungite
  • It ground spiritual energy into the Earth
  • It contains natural antioxidants & in fact the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize for science was awarded to the 3 scientists who discovered this
  • It activates all 7 main chakras
  • It’s also about purification and cleansing

These necklaces come in two options – pure Shungite or combined with White Howlite.

Shungite, known for its strong protective properties, helps absorb negative energies and electromagnetic radiation, while White Howlite promotes tranquility and emotional healing.

Wear the “Shielding Shungite” Crystal Bead Necklace as a symbol of energetic balance and security. Let the dynamic duo of Shungite and White Howlite create a shield of tranquility around you, helping to ward off negativity and promote a peaceful state of being. Embrace the soothing vibrations and protective aura of this necklace, supporting your overall well-being and inner peace.

If Shungite is calling to you, you may also be interested in our Shielding Shungite bracelets. Click here for more info. The pure Shungite necklace is approx 80cm long. The Shungite and White Howlite Necklace is approx 88cm long.

Individually designed and created, your custom gemstone mala or necklace is unique to you!

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