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This mala’s message for you:

“What thoughts do you think? What words do you say? Are they yours or what you have been led to believe? Do you speak lovingly to and of yourself? Do you speak lovingly to and of others? Work with us to help you with all of this.”


Speak Your Truth

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Our necklaces come in three lengths depending on the number of crystal beads.

Approximate Total Necklace Lengths:

  • 54 Bead: 56 cm / 22 inch
  • 81 Bead: 78 cm / 31 inch
  • 108 Bead 106 cm / 42 inch

These are just the necklace lengths and do not include the pendants or tassels. The 54 bead necklaces has a clasp for ease of wearing.


This shades of blue crystal mala necklace has one purpose - to assist you in speaking your truth. And we mean internally with yourself as well as externally in the world. Work with this mala to help raise your awareness of the words you use. It's an essential one for public speakers, too.

The crystals included in our Speak Your Truth Crystal Mala Necklace are:

Lapis Lazuli
Is a “Royal Stone”, bringing awareness of your soul and spiritual purpose.
Promotes courage and lets your light shine.
Because of the golden pyrite inclusions, it can balance the solar plexus (individual will) with the crown chakra (divine will).

Expands the mind and encourages clear thinking.
Supports the immune system, clearing problems in the throat and sinuses.
Enhances your intuition and encourages creativity and spontaneity.
It improves self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.

Does not hold negative energy, so does not need cleaning.
Supports public speakers.
Helps you speak your truth.
Activates and enhances psychic abilities.

Keeps the bridge clear between the heart and throat chakras.
Encourages creative verbal expression and harmonious communication.
Soothes powerful feelings, such as grief and loneliness.

White Jade
Helps connect to higher vibrational energies.
Increases insight and helps you to act intuitively.
Protects from negative energies.
In addition to the healing properties of green jade.


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