Our worlds are surrounded by electricity. Our homes seem fully electronic with smart TV’s, smart homes, all the kitchen gadgets, lightbulbs; the list goes on and on.

We spend so much time on our electronic devices – phones, tablets, computers – because there are so many pictures and videos of funny cats and baby goats to watch!!

Baby goats – because, you know 🙂

All electrical items emit electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) and it’s wise to protect ourselves from these as much as possible.

The best way, of course, is to switch off and get out into nature. But it’s tough to do that in our everyday life.

The next best option is to protect and shield yourself from these EMF’s as much as possible. And this is Shungite’s Super Power.

Shungite is well known for providing a barrier against EMF’s. It clears the mind of negativity and detoxifies our bodies. It also activates all of our chakras and cleanses our auras. It’s also powerful at allowing our bodies to be filled with light.

It contains nearly all of the minerals from the periodic table.

It is a detoxifier, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.

While you can use pieces of Shungite to help, you get THE best protection by wearing Shungite.

Raw Shungite

Shielding Shungite | Crystals To Inspire
Crystals To Inspire | Shielding Shungite and Malachite
Shungite Howlite Necklace
Bracelet Shungite | Crystals To Inspire

In these products, we have combined other stones to add to their powers.

Black Netstone/Silkstone Jasper grounds and enhances clear thinking.

Obsidian is also a stone of protection and brings clarity and focus.

White Howlite assists with ease an overactive mind and communicating calmly – perfect when we communicate so much through our devices.